5 Jun 2008

the world is ending...

recently, my brother and i tried out the ds game "The World Ends With You". and we're loving it!

well basically, you play a guy called neku who's stuck in the reapers' game. you have to fight monsters called Noise with your partner. you control neku with the stylus, while at the same time controlling your partner in the top screen with the buttons. because it's very hard to do both things at the same time, my brother and i usually control each different player. otherwise, we just let the partner control itself (which is so much easier).

this game also has a nice storyline, with a few twists added (not telling!!!) and some humor inserted now and then. well now, i've almost finished the whole game (at least i think i would finish it...), and it's quite fun!

also, there's one feature of the game, which allows you to earn more points the longer you do not play it! (this lasts onloy for a week, though.) well, maybe this could encourage the players to not play continuously...

of all the ds games i''ve played so far, this is the most interesting one i've played. you should give it a try! ;)