2 Jun 2008


sorry made some mistakes: the cast only comes on wenesday (2 days later), and the history meeting's tomorrow. and i forgot to bring the tickets.

what tickets? well, i'm in the school's guitar ensemble, or GE. (used to be in string ensemble [SE], but it was too stressful for me...) and this year, the school's having some arts event in which all the cca performance groups are supposed to have some concert. because of that, everyone in GE has to go and sell tickets for the concert. the tickets were very well designed, though. anyway, the tickets cost $10 (standard price, a bit expensive for concerts of the same level), and today the seniors had their second round of money collection. during the first round, i wasn't attending the session due to my injury, so i forgot about the tickets.

anyway, i found out about the details for the meeting. for the history project, we were supposed to come up with a short presentation about the history of a certain area in singapore, which would be suitable enough to put on tvmobile (not that anyone would actually put it up there. or would they?)

well, today my brother went for his driving test. he was complaining about it, and kept thinking about the many things that can and might happen. in the end, he failed! my mom told me that he already blundered up before he actually drove the test route on the road. during the circuit, after reversing into a space, he was supposed to go out and turn left, but the rear wheel accidentally hit the curb while doing so. now he's really frustrated that he failed, and he's never made such a mistake before.

sigh... i wonder if i would pass my driving test in the future...