26 Jun 2008

what a day...

today there was a fire drill. too bad it didn't happen an hour later; it would have been chinese period. anyway it happened at the beginning of english period instead, and we all evacuated to the parade square (the place where we assemble every morning). everyone was complaining that it happened too soon.

anyway we sat down on the ground, right under the scorching sun. it was so hot, it felt like we were sitting near the fire instead. after a while, people were fooling around. they were poking and tickling each other, yakking away about random stuff, or playing music on their phones.

that should only be done on facebook, windows im and windows media player respectively.

after like 30 minutes, the deputy headmaster announced something barely audible from where we were. probably using cheap speakers. when we returned to the classroom, we were hanging around for what's left of the lesson before the chinese teacher arrived. we waited. and waited. and waited still, until someone went to search for her. after a few more minutes, he came back to say that the teacher totally forgot about us.

but it was too late. the english teacher was asking when the postponed poetry test should be done. she couldn't do the test after school or on friday, so we did the test immediately. and poof, the chinese period disappeared!

the poem was quite abstract. it was supposed to be a war poem, but i couldn't see anything that links to war. all i saw was the mysteries of life in there. i'm not sure if i would even pass this test, let alone do well in it.

during last period, i found out that i forgot to print out the philosophy holiday assignment! i freaked out. in the end i had to pass it up on monday.

this just in: my group suddenly couldn't make it on friday, because two of them had some drama thing that day which i only knew today. the leader thought of shifting it to saturday morning, but that's when i have my chinese tuition! sigh, just have to wait and see how to deal with this...

yay one week gone, 9 more to go...