21 Jun 2008

things heat up...

now that half the year's gone, things are going to heat up. a lot.

first, the exams come right after the holidays, waiting to strike students when they least expect it. no mercy shall be given, not even to the weakest of the pack.

second, this is the time when sec 2s also start worrying about things other than the dilema mentioned above. 'tis the time when they also start thinking about their future... well, maybe just the next 2 years. after the class gets disbanded, who are they going to end up with next? would things get better or worse (i hope it's not the latter) after becoming 'seniors' of the school?

this is also the time when everyone hopes that december comes quickly. this often happens after june. usually they get more than they ask for, and december disappears just as quickly.

this is also the time when relationships start to get a bit more serious... or wacky, depending on the parties involved. either the buddies wonder how to keep in touch, or they are just concerned with what the other person did during the hols.

well, what about myself? how would i cope with sec 3-4 life? well, i just go with the flow, and never get myself attached to anything too tightly. sure, i value the importance of some things, but not to the extent of i-can't-live-without-you-baby. i still make friends, but not to the extent of being sworn brothers. i play computer games, but not until it becomes a necessity in my life(unlike some people...). i can make friends with girls, but not become serious partners. well, not yet anyway...

well, you get the idea. and i think other people should also just go with the flow. don't take things too seriously (but don't slack!), and don't hold on to everything like it's the end of the world. it just ruins the fun in life.

oh, and for those of you who are still clueless, IT'S THE END OF THE HOLIDAYS! GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND FINISH YOUR HOMEWORK NOW!

you're welcome. ;)