29 Jun 2008

pixel mania

well i couldn't think of anything to talk about on the previous post(and didn't have the time), so i just posted those tips instead. not much happened anyway.

last night i tried my hand at making pixel art. in case you don;t know anything about it, pixel art is the art of making bitmap images using pixels. you could just infer from the name itself. anyway i did some silly image since the internet browser was lagging like crazy. and i mean crazy not only because it's mega slow, but because it doesn't lag only for some websites.

after a while, my brother saw me doing this and said it looked kinda cute. so he asked me to send the image to him so he could use it as his profile image on IM. and guess what? he complained it was too small. duh, isn't that how most pixel art is?!? creating pixel art on a larger scale would take anyone at least a few days!

so he just cropped the picture to only show the essential part of the picture, and it turned out better.

anyway, maybe later i could show the simple image, but a bit bigger so that nobody would need to squint at it.

8/7/8: ok i've found the pixel image:

well considering that i've hardly done pixel art before, i think it's pretty ok :) maybe i'll try making other pixel images next time!