27 Jun 2008

make your blogs neater!

most of my friends' blogs - no, all of them aren't really very tidy(sorry guys). it's usually filled with tiny text that you have to squint at, or stretched like a ruuber band by very long posts.

so i have 2 tips for you to make the blog a little bit more elegant(great now i sound like mr jee). click below to see them.

first of all, please make your font BIGGER! who on earth would want to strain his eyes just to read your blog? maybe people who always use a magnifying glass. but still, the rest of us don't want to look at ants!

second, try to restrict the content of your posts. too much content can turn off your readers, but if you can't help writing at length, do what i do: make expandable posts. that means you can also have this 'click here to read the rest of this post' or something like that, thus saving space on your blog! here's the website that give instructions on how to do that.

now if you do these simple improvements, your blog would be more reader friendly. and nobody would be using magnifying glasses to decipher those ants on your screen!

Edit From The Slightly Distant Future!!!: Actually now there's no need to embed all that crazy code to make expandable posts... it's already implemented right now in Blogger. And now I'm going through all these damn posts trying to correct every single one of them because my HTML failed after a quick change of template! D: D: D: