25 Jun 2008

i'm back

well that was shorter than i expected. i've only been away for 3 days.

quick summary of what happened so far: 1st week of school, new science teacher, relief maths teacher(quite lax), getting new english teacher, took new south wales test today, switched to new classroom(someone else sprained his foot and is on crutches), half of the back wall is mouldy(yucks!), and i returned to my blog.

the students at the nsw test were irritating! at first everyone was talking loudly, and when the teacher asked everyone to keep their lips shut, some students hushed the others. but then a few jokers started imitating them and started their mass attack of 'shh's. it was either one problem or the other.

our new science teacher was quite friendly and relaxed -- so far. he might be putting on this stint for a little while. and our maths relief teacher is even more lax. he mainly is concerned with getting the job done quickly. when some of my classmates were fooling around, he just settled the problem quickly instead of lecturing them about paying attention, complacency etc.

and it was mentioned a number of times that this term would be a short one; this period is the time when everyone prepares for the final sprint. on top of that, 1 week and 4 days were stripped off our school time. this gives us a breather, but it also means more homework crammed into a shorter timeframe.

anyway, since there's no school on friday, my history group decided to meet on friday and finally do something on the project. but i still don't know exactly when or where to meet...