15 Jun 2008


great! my diarrohea's gone! and i can finally eat normally again (although i'm still avoiding dairy products).

well i'm at temasek club again, at the exact same spot where i was the last time doing this. the lifeguard's different though. and there's a lot more people in the pool, since this is the weekend.

last night, my family had a short movie marathon in the comfort of our home. first was the forbidden kingdom. turns out the plot wasn't as bad as i expected. the only thing that sucked was the subtitles that came with it. basically, the movie's about this guy, a kungfu fan, who was given this nice staff, but did not realise that it was a portal to ancient china (or as they keep calling it in the movie, middle kingdom). turns out, the staff belongs to the powerful monkey king (aka Sun Wu Kong) who has been turned into a statue. being the "seeker of the staff", he was supposed to use the staff (with the help of a few people)to break this curse and bring the jade emperor back too.

the second movie was the latest indiana jones movie. the famous indie has been captured by russians and forced to help them find stuff which would help them develop their physic warfare. not the kind that creates mushrooom clouds, but the ones that mess with the people's minds. once again, the subtitles were horrible and annoying.

ok i've got to end soon. my parents have just finished squash. think of it as my dad's father's day present. i guess that after 20 years of this, he would have just settled for anything by now.

just not another movie.

anyway, happy father's day to all fathers everywhere! :)