7 Jun 2008

brace for impact!

oh boy... tomorrow i'm going to the studio to practise on their piano --- for the last time. then it's up to me to improve everything to the max.

my piano exam's in 3 days, and i'm feeling the pressure. i'm already prepared for the worst, but i still have to do my best.

there is a good chance that i would pass, but we all know murphy's law. still, i do sound pessimistic, and some people would probably tell me if i think i would fail, then i will fail. i wouldn't want to lose sleep over this matter, which is one reason why i'm opening up about all of this to you. it won't be good if i bottle everything up inside me...

truth is, i've never failed a piano exam before. i always passed my exams with distinction. otherwise, i would have skipped it. knowing that the diploma exam is one big jump from the ordinary exams for grades 1 to 8, i knew i had to work harder this time.

i'm not sure how i would take it if i fail this time. i might get very frustrated that i would have to retake it, or i might just think that this is normal. i don't know how it would turn out.

even after passing this exam, i would still focus on my piano anyway, because it is my major instrument, and i'm still in the mep, which means i still get practical exams. i won't give it up anytime soon.

maybe i might learn jazz piano, or piano accompaniment...