4 Jun 2008

blog on the go

ok this is my first time blogging out of my house. brought my bro's laptop along...

my parents just finished playing squash, and since i can't do any physically strenuous activity yet, i just read the chinese book that would be tested on after the hols. this is one of the reasons why the hols don't really feel like a holiday...

after a while, since i still have a lot of time before we leave, i just thought of surfing the net for a while. and post something.

you know, we are actually at temasek club, and the squash court is deserted (except for some people who want it to stay, including my parents). i don't know how much longer they can keep this up, but sooner or later it would be torn down anyway...

even though this is my brother's laptop, my father uses it more often than he does. i also sometimes use this laptop for projects. my brother usually uses the vista at home (don't mean to boast...) to watch online episodes of drama serials; i'm not too sure which ones, but i remember him watching grey's anatomy.

like i said, how can the june holidays be a holiday if you're swarmed with deadlines? even one of the lifeguards who watch the nearby pool also brings his study materials. then there are students in particular CCAs (like SE) who already have a jam-packed holiday schedule because of an upcoming competition/concert etc. (i've heard from some SE guys that they practise from 6 to 9, and then 9.30 to 12.30! and i'm talking pm! although i'm not sure if this is actually true...)

well, i've tackled about half the workload, but there's still project deadlines and exams lurking ahead. like monsters hiding in the dark waiting to pounce onto you and devour you.

ever heard of 'saving gaia'? well, i've some solutions for saving the environment:

- less homework = less paper = fewer trees cut down
- less online homework = less time spent on computer = less electricity used + smaller electricity bills
- shorter lessons = less electricity used + more time saved
- no files + folders = less plastic used

and finally...

- no school = all of these benefits and more!

(i doubt anyone would follow these suggestions)