14 Jun 2008


i don't believe it. i still have the diarrohea and i'm even starting to get a sore throat.

today, i went for guitar again. as i entered the room, i suddenly felt cold and started to get a headache. i even felt a bit drowsy. it was very annoying and painful at the same time.

after that, my partner and i went back to my house for another practice session. the headache still hadn't subsided at all, and i was tolerating it for a long time. once again, i didn't have the appetite to eat as much food as i used to. when we arrived home, the headache went down a little, but it still persisted on.

after the practice, i was still having that annoying headache and decided to quickly finish reading my book. (it's a chinese book which will be tested on after the holidays) well, the headache subsided some more, and when i finished reading the book, it went away! (i don't think the headache disappearing has anything to do with the book)

however, my stomach's still upset and full of gas, maybe because i didn't eat enough for lunch. well, after this chinese book, i still have to read "merchant of venice". how frustrating! i've only browsed through the first few pages and i was already overwhelmed by all the shakespearean lingo spread generously over the pages.

oh boy. it's going to be one chaotic week left of the holidays...