20 Jun 2008

3 more days

isn't life sad? the things you cherish the most seem to disappear the most, yet the things you wish would vanish just drag on and on...

the holidays are fading fast. everyone is scrambling around trying to savour what's left of it, maybe by going to east coast park / wild wild wet / sentosa at the very last minute, or training their character on runescape / maplestory / WoW / ragnarok etc. as much as they can before they do not have any time to touch the computer at all.

but before they can do all of that, they have to get rid of all the homework. which is a very very big pain. that's why everyone's probably settling everything related to schoolwork at fast as they can. maybe that's why nobody's coming to my blog at all... :(


If you have $10 and 5 friends and you give $2 each to 3 friends, what do you have left?

you have $4... and 3 friends left.