29 Jun 2008

pixel mania

well i couldn't think of anything to talk about on the previous post(and didn't have the time), so i just posted those tips instead. not much happened anyway.

last night i tried my hand at making pixel art. in case you don;t know anything about it, pixel art is the art of making bitmap images using pixels. you could just infer from the name itself. anyway i did some silly image since the internet browser was lagging like crazy. and i mean crazy not only because it's mega slow, but because it doesn't lag only for some websites.

27 Jun 2008

make your blogs neater!

most of my friends' blogs - no, all of them aren't really very tidy(sorry guys). it's usually filled with tiny text that you have to squint at, or stretched like a ruuber band by very long posts.

so i have 2 tips for you to make the blog a little bit more elegant(great now i sound like mr jee). click below to see them.

26 Jun 2008

what a day...

today there was a fire drill. too bad it didn't happen an hour later; it would have been chinese period. anyway it happened at the beginning of english period instead, and we all evacuated to the parade square (the place where we assemble every morning). everyone was complaining that it happened too soon.

anyway we sat down on the ground, right under the scorching sun. it was so hot, it felt like we were sitting near the fire instead. after a while, people were fooling around. they were poking and tickling each other, yakking away about random stuff, or playing music on their phones.

that should only be done on facebook, windows im and windows media player respectively.

25 Jun 2008

i'm back

well that was shorter than i expected. i've only been away for 3 days.

quick summary of what happened so far: 1st week of school, new science teacher, relief maths teacher(quite lax), getting new english teacher, took new south wales test today, switched to new classroom(someone else sprained his foot and is on crutches), half of the back wall is mouldy(yucks!), and i returned to my blog.

the students at the nsw test were irritating! at first everyone was talking loudly, and when the teacher asked everyone to keep their lips shut, some students hushed the others. but then a few jokers started imitating them and started their mass attack of 'shh's. it was either one problem or the other.

22 Jun 2008

farewell for now

sigh.. tomorrow it's back to school. i would probably not have that much time to blog then.

so tomorrow onwards, the blog would probably be dead for a very long time. but i will return. so in advance, goodbye till then...

21 Jun 2008

things heat up...

now that half the year's gone, things are going to heat up. a lot.

first, the exams come right after the holidays, waiting to strike students when they least expect it. no mercy shall be given, not even to the weakest of the pack.

second, this is the time when sec 2s also start worrying about things other than the dilema mentioned above. 'tis the time when they also start thinking about their future... well, maybe just the next 2 years. after the class gets disbanded, who are they going to end up with next? would things get better or worse (i hope it's not the latter) after becoming 'seniors' of the school?

this is also the time when everyone hopes that december comes quickly. this often happens after june. usually they get more than they ask for, and december disappears just as quickly.

20 Jun 2008

3 more days

isn't life sad? the things you cherish the most seem to disappear the most, yet the things you wish would vanish just drag on and on...

the holidays are fading fast. everyone is scrambling around trying to savour what's left of it, maybe by going to east coast park / wild wild wet / sentosa at the very last minute, or training their character on runescape / maplestory / WoW / ragnarok etc. as much as they can before they do not have any time to touch the computer at all.

but before they can do all of that, they have to get rid of all the homework. which is a very very big pain. that's why everyone's probably settling everything related to schoolwork at fast as they can. maybe that's why nobody's coming to my blog at all... :(


19 Jun 2008

what holiday?

sigh... already the holidays are slipping away like water from your hand. as always, the moment we return to school, someone would say,'hope you enjoyed your holiday.' come on, even we know you're groaning inside in agony. there was no holiday to begin with!

as you get older, june just seems to become a spamming period for teachers to dump whatever they can find onto you. you actually become more stressed than when you are in school! it's very silly; the teachers think that in order to not make you slack (hello, what are holidays for???), they give you something to do so that your brain doesn't rot away as you stare at your television/computer/psp etc. i know that, but i think they take things too far. just give us a few short assignments, not numerous deadlines to keep us busy ALL holiday!

with the amount of work the teachers dump on us, i'd rather go back to school. wait, is that what they're planning to do?

15 Jun 2008


great! my diarrohea's gone! and i can finally eat normally again (although i'm still avoiding dairy products).

well i'm at temasek club again, at the exact same spot where i was the last time doing this. the lifeguard's different though. and there's a lot more people in the pool, since this is the weekend.

last night, my family had a short movie marathon in the comfort of our home. first was the forbidden kingdom. turns out the plot wasn't as bad as i expected. the only thing that sucked was the subtitles that came with it. basically, the movie's about this guy, a kungfu fan, who was given this nice staff, but did not realise that it was a portal to ancient china (or as they keep calling it in the movie, middle kingdom). turns out, the staff belongs to the powerful monkey king (aka Sun Wu Kong) who has been turned into a statue. being the "seeker of the staff", he was supposed to use the staff (with the help of a few people)to break this curse and bring the jade emperor back too.

14 Jun 2008


i don't believe it. i still have the diarrohea and i'm even starting to get a sore throat.

today, i went for guitar again. as i entered the room, i suddenly felt cold and started to get a headache. i even felt a bit drowsy. it was very annoying and painful at the same time.

after that, my partner and i went back to my house for another practice session. the headache still hadn't subsided at all, and i was tolerating it for a long time. once again, i didn't have the appetite to eat as much food as i used to. when we arrived home, the headache went down a little, but it still persisted on.

11 Jun 2008


i didn't have such a good day yesterday. in fact, it was really horibble.

the moment i woke up that morning, my stomach already did not feel right. something was defintely wrong. was i going to throw up?

i tried to eat my breakfast, but for some reason i couldn't eat as much as i used to. and after that, i actually puked. and then i had many bouts of diarrohea. my parents suspected that i might have food poisoning. to think that this would happen on the day of my piano exam...

9 Jun 2008

one more day...

this it it. tomorrow's the exam. no turning back.

wish me lots and lots of luck. i'm feeling prepared, but i'm going to practise again later for safe measure. after the exam, i still have to practise with my partner in the late afternoon for the performance.

what performance? well, the mep students have to perform with another student in front of the rest. and it's graded.

my partner plays the violin, but he warned me that he's a bit insecure with the high notes. at least he warned me first...

7 Jun 2008

brace for impact!

oh boy... tomorrow i'm going to the studio to practise on their piano --- for the last time. then it's up to me to improve everything to the max.

my piano exam's in 3 days, and i'm feeling the pressure. i'm already prepared for the worst, but i still have to do my best.

there is a good chance that i would pass, but we all know murphy's law. still, i do sound pessimistic, and some people would probably tell me if i think i would fail, then i will fail. i wouldn't want to lose sleep over this matter, which is one reason why i'm opening up about all of this to you. it won't be good if i bottle everything up inside me...

6 Jun 2008

4 more days...

yikes! my piano exam's 4 days away! i dunno if i would pass the exam, but hopefully i would...

my ankle's a bit better now, and i can run a bit faster, but it's still a bit stiff. and the skin is recovering a bit, but some bits are still peeling. it would probably be okay before the exam.

sigh... one last session with my teacher on sunday, and that's it. and monday's the last chance for me to fix everything. this is so stressful...  X(

5 Jun 2008

the world is ending...

recently, my brother and i tried out the ds game "The World Ends With You". and we're loving it!

well basically, you play a guy called neku who's stuck in the reapers' game. you have to fight monsters called Noise with your partner. you control neku with the stylus, while at the same time controlling your partner in the top screen with the buttons. because it's very hard to do both things at the same time, my brother and i usually control each different player. otherwise, we just let the partner control itself (which is so much easier).

4 Jun 2008

blog on the go

ok this is my first time blogging out of my house. brought my bro's laptop along...

my parents just finished playing squash, and since i can't do any physically strenuous activity yet, i just read the chinese book that would be tested on after the hols. this is one of the reasons why the hols don't really feel like a holiday...

after a while, since i still have a lot of time before we leave, i just thought of surfing the net for a while. and post something.

you know, we are actually at temasek club, and the squash court is deserted (except for some people who want it to stay, including my parents). i don't know how much longer they can keep this up, but sooner or later it would be torn down anyway...

cast away!

yay the leg cast finally came off! XD

aside from the peeling skin, and the slightly smaller size, everything's fine. but now my ankle's a bit stiff, so i still can't move it a lot.

at least now i can bathe without having to put a plastic bag around the leg...

wow, the sky's getting dark very quickly. and somehow my internet's getting a little berserk: it won't let me play youtube videos! X( (well sometimes it does, but it usually doesn't even load it...)

guess i have to look for another video portal.

3 Jun 2008

yay! (2)

tomorrow i'm getting tid of the cast! (for real)
but tomorrow i have to wake up early, so i'm goin to bed right now...

How do you know if an elephant is hiding under your bed?
Your nose is touching the ceiling.

2 Jun 2008


sorry made some mistakes: the cast only comes on wenesday (2 days later), and the history meeting's tomorrow. and i forgot to bring the tickets.

what tickets? well, i'm in the school's guitar ensemble, or GE. (used to be in string ensemble [SE], but it was too stressful for me...) and this year, the school's having some arts event in which all the cca performance groups are supposed to have some concert. because of that, everyone in GE has to go and sell tickets for the concert. the tickets were very well designed, though. anyway, the tickets cost $10 (standard price, a bit expensive for concerts of the same level), and today the seniors had their second round of money collection. during the first round, i wasn't attending the session due to my injury, so i forgot about the tickets.

1 Jun 2008


wow i finished my philo project. now for two more projects and many more exams...

2 more days and the cast comes off! i don't think my leg would look good after this; i already see some of my skin peeling off at the toes. yikes! once it comes off, i'd probably need to apply a lotion on it so that my skin can recover. well at least i won't have to wrap a plastic bag around the leg before i take a shower...

i'm making some progress for my geog project, but nothing's going on for my history project. so far, they've only had one meeting (at least i think they had), and i don't know what went on then.

by the way, i'm watching "Super Size Me" right now, which will show later tonight at 10 on arts central. which is why i'm watching it online. i'd rather watch it now than stay up until midnight. this saves me a lot more time!

maybe i'll talk about the documentary tomorrow...