24 May 2008


ok i have to make this a short one because i've only 30 minutes left before bed!

whoopee i finished reading the book for the book review! but only because i had so much spare time today; my parents went to play squash and brought me along, and since i can't do anything with my broken leg, i might as well read the book so i can get started. it took me 4 hours, and by then my eyes felt a little bit groggy, and i had only one chapter left.

darn...monday i have to go for guitar sessions (even though i think they want me to rest) and i have to climb up to the 3rd storey (still with my broken ankle) to the classroom for practice! X( but i've already memorised the pieces for the concert a long time ago, so the practice seems to waste time, but then again a little revision wouldn't hurt, right? :)

so recently i made the blog a little bit nicer, and soon i'll be making another blog for the book review... :P dunno what to call it... maybe i'll just use the book title.

and yesterday i made some random thingy...


well, it looks like i still have some time left.

i know that there is some kind of random haiku competition. i've been looking at my classmates' haikus on their blogs. some sucked. others were okay. a few were nice.

who came up with this
idea of 5-7-5
for a dumb haiku???

and why this structure?
why not 1-2-3-4-5?
or 7-5-3?

it restricts freedom
due to less available
words to use in it.

and why are haikus
usually about nature?
why not other things?

phew, i think that's enough of talking in haiku form! it can get annoying after a while...

Well, there are also
Other kinds of poems to play with.
What about this kind?

I also liked to come up with acrostic poems (like the one above) on my own.

Then there are riddle poems:

The beggining of eternity,
The end of time and space,
The beggining of every end,
The end of every race.

This one has been circulated too long; most people would know that the answer is the letter 'e'.

Poetry can be interesting, but now people rather turn these poems into songs (or raps) that they hope would turn into top chart hits... speaking of which, i think music has come to a standstill (for now). we're all stuck with the same breeds of music, and sooner or later everyone would be following each other's style without reinventing new trends. (or is that already happening?)

okay have to end here (and for a while i was using capital letters. i wonder why? )