25 May 2008


tomorrow i have to go for guitar... sianz...

okay this is going to be a short one.

i missed school for 7 days (including tuesday), but i heard from my classmates that during the last week there wasn't much homework anyway. probably because the teachers were handing back everything they marked and explaining all the holiday assignments.

geez, i dunno how i'm going to climb all the way to the 3rd floor tomorrow. especially while carrying my guitar. well at least i'm just going to go through this agony for 2 weeks, and soon the cast would be off! :)

oh yeah i also heard that two of my classmates finally passed their NAPFA. so sorry for the very very late congratulations, but congratulations anyway!

just recently in: blubber agreed to make me a contributor for the class blog! so now i could spice up the blog a bit... ;P

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