23 May 2008

last day of school

okay... school ended a few minutes ago. i can imagine the cheers from all the ri boys who are probably frantically rushing out to the bus stop, mcdonalds or whatever. maybe except for those with cca. however, it's awfully quiet in my house; my parents went to singapore expo for some adidas sale, so i'm home alone again. right now, only the fan in the computer room's making the noise here. otherwise, it would be the sound of the tv or the piano when i'm practising.

speaking of which, my piano exam's coming in more than 2 weeks. and my piano teacher's on a business trip in china. and he won't come back until 2 weeks later, just before the exam. so i'm on my own now...

a few days ago i sent an email to all of my teachers to inform them of my extended med leave. only 3 responded back so far. 2 of them reminded me about the holiday assignments, but the 3rd teacher's response was the shortest, but also the nicest: "Take care." :)


my mom just came back from the sale, and she bought quite a lot of stuff. she bought everyone some nice shoes (although i can't wear mine yet) and some golf clubs for my dad.

anyway, too bad i don't get the same feeling of rejoice that the ri boys have today. but it's okay, because i have already started my holiday long ago! :)

my psp's memory stick keeps getting corrupted, and i have to keep reformating it, which is driving me nuts! >< maybe later we could bring it to get fixed...

ok i have to stop here. got to have lunch. (instant noodles! XD )