31 May 2008

in control so far

well, i've managed to do whatever i could with my filing of all my school stuff. because of my fractured ankle, i couldn't be in school to get back my files so i can file away the rest of my stuff. so now the leftovers are stuffed in a big folder for now...

my chinese blog has also been finished! i don't really care if it doesn't look fanciful; as long as there is suitable content, and everything on the blog is working, then i'm fine with it. (you could come visit the blog if you want from my profile, but i don't think it's worth your time...)

as for the piano exam, i'm doing ok, but i know i have to put in more effort later on.

sometimes, because i've already played a piece many times until i become accustomed to it, my mind seems to wander off for a while (which is quite dangerous if i'm taking an exam or performing in front of people at that time). it's kinda weird: halfway throughout the piece, i start thinking about what to do later on, and by the time i shift my focus back to my playing, i've already finished playing it! so now i'm trying to stop that from happening, or it would spell disaster during the diploma exam.

so far, everything is going smoothly. but there may be rocky waters ahead that i'm unaware of.

time to get my life-jacket ready...