19 May 2008

2nd post

ok... my 2nd post...
i'm still stuck with my broken ankle, but at least it's recovering. hopefully on tuesday i wouldn't need the cast...
well, today's vesak day. but it's just a one day holiday to me.
not that vesak day is utter rubbish to me, but that it's not so important to me or my family.

just remembered: i have to do some chinese book review in the form of a blog or website. the former seems easier to me, so maybe later i'd create another blog here for this assignment.

why a blog all of a sudden? i really prefer just typing it out as a word doc and printing it out and giving it to the teacher. i'm just more used to it. :\

i know right now nobody's reading  this at all, so i can only pray that this blog won't turn into a dusty webpage...

tmr my leg would get checked and hopefully i wouldn't need another cast. but it doesn't matter too much, since there's only 4 more days of school before the june hols. not so much of a holiday when you're swarmed with holiday assignments and pressured by exams.

'holiday' and 'assignment' should not be used together in a sentence.

*just added 'Music Bounce' game*