31 May 2008

in control so far

well, i've managed to do whatever i could with my filing of all my school stuff. because of my fractured ankle, i couldn't be in school to get back my files so i can file away the rest of my stuff. so now the leftovers are stuffed in a big folder for now...

my chinese blog has also been finished! i don't really care if it doesn't look fanciful; as long as there is suitable content, and everything on the blog is working, then i'm fine with it. (you could come visit the blog if you want from my profile, but i don't think it's worth your time...)

30 May 2008

11 more days (and counting)

bleah... my piano's exam's very close...
in case you don't know, i'm having an ATCL diploma piano exam on June 10th. and it's been so long since my grade 8 exam...
if you're wondering, here's the pieces i'm playing:

Bach Tocatta in E minor
Beethoven 32 Variations in C Minor
Chopin Fantasie Impromptu in C# Minor (!!!)
Poulenc Novelettes 1 and 2

yup you didn't see wrongly; i do have to play fantasie impromptu for the exam! it may be a fun piece to learn, and a nice way to suan people, but it's a totally different matter when it comes to the exam...

i'd already be happy if i pass the exam, much less worry about exceling in it. wish me luck...

(geez... very few people are seeing my blog... i'll find a way to direct more traffic...)

28 May 2008


tomorrow i'm going around hougang for the geog project.

tomorrow i'm going to practise my piano.

tomorrow i'm going to do all the homework i missed.

tomorrow i'm going to play.

tomorrow's a big day.

which is why i'm sleeping after this.

good night... zzz

"Hey John! You got a bag full of chickens there?"


"Gosh, I like eating chickens, but I'm broke..."

"Don't worry, Sam! If you guess the number of chickens in the bag correctly, I'll give both of them to you!"

"Okay! Err... five?"

okay... (2)

well, so far cloud strife likes the TooK widget. i wonder how the others find it?

ok i'm almost done with the other blog; all i have to do now is to add a bit more content and that's it!

wow, the sky's really getting grey now, even after the rain...

6 more days before the cast comes off, 13 more days to my piano exam, 16 more days till friday the 13th (!)...

i better get started!

27 May 2008


ok so i recently made the class blog widget! super easy to make and embed!
it's been a week since i had the cast on. and it's a week more to go before it comes off. also, i created the blog for the book review, but it's still kinda empty...
so i think i'll work on it later...

the cast is starting to peel. parts of it started dropping off today!

hmm... i wonder if blogger can display chinese text... :\


omg suddenly i'm feeling sleepy...

whoopee i'm almost ready to create the blog for the book review. now to decide how it should look like...

ok so i changed the game on the blog cos it gets annoying whenever someone accesses my blog and hears the music from the game everytime. this one, Music Catch, doesn't make any sound when it starts up, but you would have to stop any flash applications that are emitting sound (even if they're in mute)

by now, people would have known about the caption contest in the sunday times. so i was thinking, would it be fun to have a similar thing on my class blog? maybe later i'll go and discuss with blubber. (no capitaland vouchers involved)

some of the winning entries weren't really that funny. i checked the chew on it blog and found that some of the other entries were actually funnier and wittier than the winner, which seems odd.

i'll go and check on the class blog later...

One day a man walked into a bar and said, "Ouch!"

25 May 2008


tomorrow i have to go for guitar... sianz...

okay this is going to be a short one.

i missed school for 7 days (including tuesday), but i heard from my classmates that during the last week there wasn't much homework anyway. probably because the teachers were handing back everything they marked and explaining all the holiday assignments.

geez, i dunno how i'm going to climb all the way to the 3rd floor tomorrow. especially while carrying my guitar. well at least i'm just going to go through this agony for 2 weeks, and soon the cast would be off! :)

24 May 2008


ok i have to make this a short one because i've only 30 minutes left before bed!

whoopee i finished reading the book for the book review! but only because i had so much spare time today; my parents went to play squash and brought me along, and since i can't do anything with my broken leg, i might as well read the book so i can get started. it took me 4 hours, and by then my eyes felt a little bit groggy, and i had only one chapter left.

darn...monday i have to go for guitar sessions (even though i think they want me to rest) and i have to climb up to the 3rd storey (still with my broken ankle) to the classroom for practice! X( but i've already memorised the pieces for the concert a long time ago, so the practice seems to waste time, but then again a little revision wouldn't hurt, right? :)

23 May 2008

last day of school

okay... school ended a few minutes ago. i can imagine the cheers from all the ri boys who are probably frantically rushing out to the bus stop, mcdonalds or whatever. maybe except for those with cca. however, it's awfully quiet in my house; my parents went to singapore expo for some adidas sale, so i'm home alone again. right now, only the fan in the computer room's making the noise here. otherwise, it would be the sound of the tv or the piano when i'm practising.

20 May 2008


today they changed my cast, and now i can put my weight on it, which means i can walk around again! (somehow)

took some mep test later that afternoon, and everyone was like, 'what happened to that leg?' 'did it hurt?' 'can i test out those crutches?' people are suddenly very concerned about me, which rarely happens. even the teacher (ms goh) wanted to shift the test to the hols, but since i had to pass by ri anyway, i might as well get this over with.

oh yeah, my medical leave got extended to the hols! :) but i'm still left with those holiday assignments... they even have assignments in the dec hols!!! >< Blubber to let me be a contributor for the class blog.

although i'm not sure if i have anything worthy to put in the blog... :(

19 May 2008

2nd post

ok... my 2nd post...
i'm still stuck with my broken ankle, but at least it's recovering. hopefully on tuesday i wouldn't need the cast...
well, today's vesak day. but it's just a one day holiday to me.
not that vesak day is utter rubbish to me, but that it's not so important to me or my family.

just remembered: i have to do some chinese book review in the form of a blog or website. the former seems easier to me, so maybe later i'd create another blog here for this assignment.

18 May 2008


wheeee i got my own blog! :)
great... so this is my 1st post....i'm still stuck with my broken ankle...
*sigh* just wish it recovers soon so i can stop hobbling around with my clutches (puts a strain on my right leg)
the only good thing is that my arms get stronger... and i would hop better than anyone else.
wow this post is kinda short...

[signing off]